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Simple DIY Storage Solutions For Organizing Your Kitchen

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Your kitchen is a mess. Seriously. But here's the thing – it could be pretty amazing. Actually, it could be more than just "pretty amazing." It could be organized, accessible and perfect for the creative foodie/home chef that you are. So how can you turn your food prep space into a fabulously functional jewel? With a few tips (and tricks) you can transform your kitchen. Oh, and it doesn't include a bank-breaking remodel either.

Decorative Double Duty

Hanging up wall racks is kind of a no-brainer. They totally save space and put your spices (or other small kitchen items) within arms' reach. You've got some bare wall space, so you drill those holes and hang your rack. Right? Maybe. Or, you could put the fun in functionality.

Instead of randomly hanging wall racks wherever they fit, create an artistic design. Make as zig-zag pattern, create a frame by hanging two horizontal and two vertical racks around a photo of your favorite foods or come up with your own totally individual décor idea.

Don't stop there. Stash your spices wisely, and with flare. Pour the spices from those not-so-pretty containers they come with into decorative glass mini jars. Organize the spices by color, creating a rainbow effect or go with monochromatic (one color) racks.

Use the Corners

Don't let those kitchen corners turn into dead space. It's easy to get stuck on the idea that racks, shelves and other storage units should go on flat, open wall space. But that's not the case.

There are an array of organization options, including using the corners as part of your storage solutions. A corner pot rack takes advantage of this often-overlooked space and gives you even more room to stash your stuff. This doesn't mean you need to go all-out and cover each corner in a separate rack. Try stacking (with plenty of space in between) a few racks on one corner or installing a multi-tiered corner wall shelf.

Make Hidden Spaces Work

You're into that sleek, fuss-free contemporary look. That means you don't want all kinds of clutter exposed. No problem. That's why there are kitchen cabinets.

But wait! You still have more tools, gizmos and gadgets to store. Open the doors and use their backs (the part that faces into the interior of the cabinet) to hang spice racks or storage baskets on. You can even use the interior sides of the cabinets as "walls" for slender shelves or thin baskets. Store smaller-sized items such as silverware, cooking utensils, cake decorating items or spices here.

Put It on Wheels

Reaching into the way back of your deep cabinets just to find the perfect pan is never any fun. Oh, and tossing your cooking gear into one large empty cabinet also looks more than messy. You're not likely to find what you need and every time you do open the door you'll think, "Do I really have to look at this?"

Organize and beautify those larger cabinet spaces with drawers or shelves on wheels. This allows you to make smaller, snug compartments. And these compartments easily come out when needed. There's no more reaching or pulling half of the cabinet's contents out with drawers on wheels.

Try the Sides

The side ends of your cabinets are empty. Why? Well, mostly because you haven't utilized this amazing storage space. Stack a few racks, hanging to or three on each cabinet's side. This gives you room to hang utensils, small pans or spices without having to take up extra wall space.

If you have free-standing shelves you can also try this trick. Pick a rack that fits the width of the shelf, and hang it up. Don't forget, you can hang racks vertically as well as horizontally. This allows you to maximize the space and make the most of your newly re-organized kitchen.