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Make Your Cookware Ready to Display With These Simple Cleaning Tips

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A pot rack is an easy and affordable way to free-up cupboard space in a crowded kitchen. In addition to free space, it also makes all of the pots and pans more accessible to the cook. This is a great solution for busy kitchens or for cooks that may struggle to reach pans tucked away in hard-to-access cupboards.

Of course, when everything is out on display it needs to be clean and shiny. Here is how to accomplish that step easily without resorting to replacing your cookware.     

Remove Interior Stains

Burnt food is a struggle to remove and using scouring pads may lead to scratches that take away from the appearance of the pan. Scratches may also make it harder to keep the pans clean in the future. Instead, try boiling water and baking soda in the pan for several minutes. The hot water will loosen the cooked-on grime, so it is easier to remove.

Eliminate Exterior Grime

It is possible to clean stains on the exterior of pans with a little water, vinegar and baking soda. Add enough white vinegar to a baking sheet or cake pan to cover the stained area of the pot. Add around one cup of baking soda to the vinegar and stir until it dissolves. Allow the pot to soak in the mixture overnight before rinsing thoroughly.

Keep Them Sparkling

Once the stains and grime are removed it is easy to make pots shine like new with a little lemon juice. Cut a lemon in half and rub it over the exterior of the pan. Polish with a soft cloth. Or, add bottled lemon juice to the cloth and apply it to the pan. If buffed properly, there will be no sticky residue and, as an added bonus, the entire kitchen will smell fresh and clean too.

Protect Cast Iron

Never allow cast iron to soak in water. Unseasoned cast iron should be washed, dried and covered in cooking oil. Use a paper towel to lightly coat the entire pan with oil and buff until it is no longer greasy. Heat the pan, upside down, in a 450-degree oven for 30 minutes. Place a baking sheet underneath to catch any excess oil. Once cool, wash and towel dry the pan.

Shine Copper Bottoms

There are a couple of ways to make the bottom of copper pans shine. One method is to apply ketchup to the entire copper surface and allow it to sit for a period of time before rinsing away. How long it should sit will depend on the condition of the pan. Another option is to apply a layer of salt, add vinegar and scrub until clean.

Cleaning Pot Racks

Once the pots are hung on a rack they will be exposed to dust and airborne grease. This is not a problem for anything that is used regularly, but the pans that are not used often can become grimy over time. Make certain to regularly check over all of the pots and remove and give any dusty or greasy pans a quick wash. The pot rack should also be deep cleaned every few months.

Hanging is a handy way to extend the life of pots and pans. When stacked together it is possible for the cookware to be dented, scratched or otherwise damaged. Having all of them out in the open keeps them safe in-between use, and make them easy to find.

Ensuring they stay clean using these simple tips will make your pots and pans even more visually appealing. Once everything is scrubbed and sparkling, come visit Custom Pot Rack for appealing ideas on how to store and display them properly.